The Hope Crusher

The Hope Crusher


There was a reason the seeker ended up falling for Hawke—just a little, just enough to catch her breath or call the guy romantic.

And he wasn’t—the way dog lords and Fereldan turnips never really were, too busy being about the mud and the taprooms and sometimes even the belches, the bad jokes and the worse ones that came as natural as breathing. He’d never met a straight line he didn’t flirt with, or a rogue, for that matter. He smelled like the Deep Roads and the Bone Pit and mabari spit combined, whatever got caught in the fur of his collar, whatever stains he hadn’t wiped clean yet. He cut a profile, all right, and when he grinned you could almost forget about everything else. 

The bad timing. The way he was the first to laugh at something he’d said. The piss-poor sense of personal space and a determination to lob a fireball smack in the middle of the appropriate.

He was good for a party, but that was about it.

And Blondie wasn’t the only one who fell for him like being burned up by so much dragon fire, the way he looked even on a bad day, as though he was always on the cusp of rising out of the smoke. Whether he set things ablaze or just had a knack for showing up right after to fan the flames before putting them out… Not even the craftiest of storytellers could tell you that. 

But Varric couldn’t convince anybody else to love him if he didn’t know the first thing about it himself. And all that aching he put Blondie through, the awkward coughs Fenris suffered, Isabela’s big boats and Merrill stumbling over her own words…

Romantic wasn’t all it was cut out to be, but it sure looked good on vellum: with too much kindness, broad shoulders and dark hair and eyes like gold. A dragon in his own right, closing his fingers around all their hearts. 

Artwork by Spader7
Writing by Spicyshimmy 

This post is a two-for-one, because with each particularly emotionally stunning (or hysterically perfect) piece of spader7’s art, there is a particularly brilliant spicyshimmy drabble.  (In order, to match the pictures: 1234.) And vice versa, of course.

Plus, their comic collaboration ‘And be grateful’, is pretty stunning and perfect and brilliant as well. The nuances of the relationship between Fenris and Anders is seen in sidelong looks and the hovering of hands, is felt in what is said and the choice of words highlighting what isn’t said, what neither of them ever knows how to say. 

Which is really just a round-a-bout way of noticing that Spader and Shimmy obviously inspire the best in each other, (or the worst?) which is all to our benefit, as readers and watchers and admirers of art, so they should be acknowledged together as well.

Not that they’re not brilliant on their own as well, of course:

Spicyshimmy - You have an impressive range of words, from comedy to drama and everything in between, from stories of your own to gifts for other people; responding to art and prompts and random comments, you always look for the story behind the first impression.  Endlessly insightful, you read words in people’s art. It is always immediate and fiery. It flows so naturally as well and I think that shows a really deep understanding of other people’s work, both Dragon Age and your fellow fans. You are so generous with your words and your feelings. I feel like you don’t know how much of an honour it is to have a piece of art inspire one of your ‘drabbles’.

Spader7- All your characters look so true to themselves, even when you show them with a wealth of versatile expressions. Such faces, alight with glee and mischief, strong with pain and sorrow, or full of desire and longing.  But there’s always more to the picture, the entire composition adding to the whole.  Smoke or snow or light… you even put so much detail into clothing and scenery.  I don’t have the words to really describe the strengths and varieties of your work…  But that’s what art is for, isn’t it, when you need something different than words?  Whatever that something is, you’ve certainly got it: a spark, a fascination, an emotional draw.

So, we’re playing with a slightly different format this week, as we think collaboration is an accomplishment in and of itself, and something that should be recognized as well.  There’s something different about working with another person, inspiration and brainstorming and building each moment from something someone else said or did.  If you’d like more double/collaborative posts, let us know, send an ask, or give us a submission.  

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